About Us

What does 126 years of experience
do to a group of people ?

Yes, we are a 126 year old organization - we started providing herbs to cure known ailments and helping people procure them and share knowledge of the benefits of herbs. We have been fortunate enough to have this precious knowledge handed down to us, the 4th Generation.

What has kept us going for over a century 126 years?
Our policy of sharing our knowledge in simple plain terms, the process of usage and benefits of the same has made our customer base bigger and better.

Mission Gen Next
With a vision to build a strong the relationship of the modern generation with herbs - in a simple, easy to understand format and rediscover the long term benefits that herbs have to offer, we have opened an outlet which is the culmination of our vast experience and knowledge, an outlet far away from the by lanes of the bazaars into a modern retail format, which is easy on the eye and the pocket, with all the collected wisdom of a century on display of the most sought out, common and rare herbs alike, clearly and cleanly visible, side by side, waiting to be picked up by you.

All of us at the store are there to help you - should you need it, in terms of knowledge in simple terms.

The outlet is our pride and joy, our passion and our way of bringing a healthy lifestyle choice to a larger part of the community.